ml_ipod Takes Control of iPhone 2.x Seemingly Quietly?

Much to my delight i discovered today that the guys over at the ml_ipod plugin for winamp, have some how managed to find a way to put music into the iphone 2.x music library with so far what seems like no drawbacks.   You can still see your music in iTunes (i haven’t tried to manage it yet, but who cares that’s what i use winamp for),  while still allowing my application syncs to work in iTunes.  Bravo guys, we’ve all been waiting for this development.

If you hate your iTunes and love your winamp but are bound to an iPhone, get busy and install ml_ipod!

iPhone 3G & The Case Lineup

I bit the bullet on Friday and traded to an iPhone, after all the iTunes bullshit (i’m seriously over it!) the phone has been fantastic, no problems so far and it just WORKS.  The phone just working is a big thing coming from Windows Mobile where sometimes things just dont work for some stupid reason or another, so it’s really nice to just pick it up, press a button and BAM! the screeen is on straight away and everything responds as soon as you touch it, Windows Mobile device manufacturers have alot to learn from this. Continue reading iPhone 3G & The Case Lineup