You can webstart or download source.
Source requires JGoodies Forms.

Have changed some things again, and once again thanks to Romain for pointing me in the direction i needed to go.

The drawCurve function now works by using a general path to create the curve, rather than the way romain was previously using (basically..creating a cubic curve and then subtracting from the area created to get the bottom curve). What does this mean? it means i’ve turned the Rendering Hints back on to high quality, because the crappy 500mhz PII’s i’m targetting this small project for are finally able to handle it alot better.

This CurvesPanel is getting around 15% to 20% CPU Usage on my celeron 2Ghz.. most of the non-cheapass(read non-celeron) CPU’s seem to handle it quite well, starting around the same and dropping to 0%-5% pretty quickly (it did this on my P4 3.0E at home and the AMD Sempron 2400 at work) and on the 500Mhz PII’s here it’s pulling about 50% of the CPU.

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