I’ve been searching for days now for a decent icon set that covers everything i require (note: this isnt that much). I’ve checked out the open-office.org icon set, i’ve checked out the eclipse icon set, kde, gnome.. u name it i’ve checked it. Now im not seeing these icon sets dont cut it, because they do.. they’re quite good actually, but well.. I just cant bare to look at my application knowing it could look ten times better if only i could justify $150US to buy some of the awesome sets that are out there.

So anyway.. I think im going to attempt to make my own icons, i cant justify the $$$’s these people are asking for their icons, even if it is kind of a reasonable price, i just dont have that kind of money.

If anyone could point me in the direction of something i’ve missed in icon land it’d be appreciated. I’m deffinately feeling the sets from glyFX, a perth based company, but i dont wanna shell out for those packs.

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