So iiNet have once again had an iiBungle and some how managed to screw my dsl up. I’ve been getting Physical Line Errors since 6:30AM Wednesday (A day when telstra techs were doing work at my exchange) and now i must “wait patiently” while the problem is resolved by SOMEONE.

I’d like to take this moment to say a few things on ii, while being WA’s biggest ISP that doesn’t neccessarily make them the best. I signed up with ii just under a year ago because i’d been using them with Mum and Dad’s net account for many years with few problems that couldnt be easily resolved. However, since i got my own account i’ve had nothing but trouble.

Moving house resulted in a 3 week downtime of my DSL thanks to both Telstra & ii (ii were quicker, telstra piss-farted about). Now, after only having my net on for about 4 weeks at my new place, everythings gone to shambles. I only hope they can fix it soon so i can have my Internet back.

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