Wow, what a weekend.. it just kinda zoomed on by me and before i knew it, it was sunday night and i was dreading another week in these offices i’m at in Perth (last week, YAY!).

Saturday was a pretty nuts day, started the day by picking up Dad’s new PC from Steve @ HigherOrbit. Got him a nice new P4 3.0Ghz w/Em64T so he’s finally got a computer he (and i) can be proud of (previous box was a Celeron 366 πŸ™ ). Then i was supposed to spend saturday installing the rest of dad’s software.. but OH NO, my car’s battery decided to die.

Soo I had to track down the receipt with my mate who previously owned the car, then take the battery back to K-Mart, get a refund, goto auto shop, and buy a new battery. We did all of that, went to put that battery on and because my car now was custom battery terminals, they werent the same as what is usually on the 180sx, so back to the autoshop to swap it over we went. We got back home, started wiring up the battery and broke the ground cable.. so guess where we went? BACK TO THE AUTOSHOP! Finally got it all sorted, and it was 5pm!!

Then off to Southside to get the Drum N Bass thing going on.. Everything went real well here, nice turnout (around 30 ppl at max. time) and Uisce played a great set.

After Southside, headed into town to catch Teebee & Black Sun Empire and all i’m gonna say on this one is OHMYFUCKINGOD! excellent night, excellent tunes & Bad Robot must receieve a biggup again for the excellent stage presence and tune selection.

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