Matisse, the new gui builder in the development builds of Netbeans 4.2 seems to gaining a big following of people who would normally say “GUI Editor sux, code it by hand or don’t bother”. I’m one of those people and i’ll start by saying, i’m so god damn impressed something this good is being given away for free for me to use, even if (like now) i’m dodging exceptions to do my work.

I’m so impressed with the way the new GUI Builder works I was just starting to re-do all my panels for my current project in the builder, then i heard some not so joyous things. Sun isnt guarenteeing the file format is going to work in 4.2, moreso, someone basically said that 4.2 (non-dev) WOULD NOT load forms designed in 4.2dev. So I guess for now i’m stuck piss-farting around with the editor and waiting patiently for 4.2 to cop a full release.

Oh yeah.. patience? don’t have any.. i want to use it now!! πŸ™‚

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