Good on him. FFS! what kind of a country are we living in where the USA is able to call for an Australian Citizen to be extradited to their country and punished for crimes that were committed IN AUSTRALIA.

The “Piracy King” needs to be tried, fine i’m ok with that, but try him in Australia, his crimes were physically committed here.

Is the US Government just doing one bullshit pressure tactic after the next?! This is the 2nd aussie they’ve attempted to have extradited for crimes that were committed on US Intellectual Property that were commmitted in australia. Why must america insist on trying these people themselves, is our country not considered intelligent enough to try these individuals? or is it just that they’re doing this to make an example of some people (of course it’s the latter).

Fuck the government of the good old usa, honestly where and when will all this bullshit end?

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