So it looks like i’ll be doing some work to my car i’ve been wanting to do for a while and one of those choices is wheels. I’m finding it pretty hard to choose at the moment and have it narrowed down to 5 nice looking 17″x8″ rims, some have a +32 offset, others a +35, some are also going to require the 5 stud upgrade.

The pics show the colours, from 1-5 they are..

1: Work Emotion CR KAI
2: Gravity Gullflame (17×8.5)
3: Hopwars HP-06R
4: Hopwars HP-10R
5: Buddy Club P1 Racing

Works Emotion CR KaiGravity GullflameHopwars HP-06rHopwars HP-10rBuddy Club P1 Racing

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