Blogging for the sake of.. blogging.

I’ve seen the Transformers movie (last thursday) and to all the haters, pipe down, you only hate it because it’s not the cartoon, i understand it, but move on cos those transformers were damn awesome and still felt like old characters. The hightlights for me? Starscream transforming in and out mid dog-fight with other jets, OOoo boy! Optimus transforming while driving, that was sweeeeet and of course the final battle was just joy.

Can’t wait for a sequel or 2, 3’s the magic number.

Still waiting for the emotion XT7’s to turn up (impatient i know) it’s been 6 weeks now, so they’ll be here anytime between now and 2-3 weeks i suppose, can’t wait to get them so coilovers can go in as well.

I got some spam in the ever wonderous akismet spam catcher over the last week, it was brilliant.. “So, you’ve already seen transformers? %cialis LINK%%viagra LINK%”. Right, cos i blew my load so many times during transformers that i need your cheap wonder drug now? I do actually quickly reaad spam a bit now, because some of it is just so damn retarded it’s hilarious to read out loud, i’ve been get some brilliant ones in the inbox!

A few more weeks until the simpsons.. always great to see new things. Alot of people have expressed to me how they feel it just wont be the same, i say to hell with you. They CAN and will, deliver an entire simpsons episode experience over the movie, i think it will probably look alot more refined than the cartoon on tv, but thats ok, it’s a movie!

You also have to remember many years ago Matt Groening said he’d never do a simpson’s movie because it would most likely end or ruin the tv show. Well, the simpson’s has been in my life for sooo long now, that its hard to imagine a world without new episodes of my favourite family, but i see that it is and must come to an end before it gets too old.

The last i heard on simpsons deals was a resigning of four years, that would put right around 20 seasons, i’d say the movie is out now.. we get 2 more seasons of simpsons, maybe another movie and then we’ll possibly be bidding farewell to new episodes our favourite family, so enjoy the movie!

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