So the finalists just got announced for the WA Web Awards, wow, i’ve got some serious disappointment on my part for some of the finalists. Some of them are not what i’d consider to be 2007 Award Winning Material.

Sumo Group cleaned up finalist placings this year, totally owning the Corporate category, did no one else submit anything to this category or something? Also having one finalist in medium business and one in small business. Good for sumo, their work is one of the few companies on there i’d give an award to.

Freckle Creative also rounded up a few more entries after totally dominating last year, they’re probably set to take some awards this year also. Pat on the back to the crew at Freckle for another great job this year.

Ok.. I’m start by saying that yes i had something to do with an entry in the E-commerce category, so you can make up your own mind whether my thoughts are biased, but they’re not. The finalists in here really strike a nerve with me, MLC is not what i’d consider an “ecommerce site” so they have an order page, great but e-commerce is NOT the primary function of the site, allowing this entry into this category comes down to loose category descriptions.

Moments of Colour Design was another entry into the e-commerce category, i seriously can’t see how this can even come close to making a finalist over my own entry, at least MLC looked, felt and behaved better than my entry, i feel the same cannot be said for Moments of Colour Design.

PADC Creative Hub was the final finalist amongst the E-commerce category and to be honest, how is this in ANYWAY an e-commerce site. So they sell access to the site? how is THAT an e-commerce site, once again, loose category descriptions allowed a site that isnt really e-commerce to finalise in a category it shouldn’t have (in my opinion).

Online advertising is another weak category where alot of the finalists just seem like they were chosen purely because they were the best choice from a small group of entrants. All 3 look and feel nasty and the only one remotely a finalist in my oppinion is open offices.

I have one final nitpick, and i’m going to apologise to all the people who’s blogs im about to knock. I’m guessing once again it was a weak submission category as nearly every finalist was a wordpress blog running a very slightly modified theme. Gary’s man-with-no-blog has header changes and colour adjustments from its original theme, Myles is running the blue moonlight theme and I’m not entirely sure of the book one, Here Yesterday, if its a theme someone else created, but at least its something different. Next Year, i’d like to see the personal category be only websites/templates you have created, using wordpress is fine, but when you’re winning an award for someone else’s template, that’s just wrong.

So in short i think the web awards this year is a bit of a let down and i really hope it’s better next year, you may say im biased due to the fact i was involved with multiple entries in small business category, an entry or 2 in medium business and an entry in e-commerce. But to that i say, whatever!, I’m sitting back and looking objectively at each site and i really think the people of WA are capable of far better than we’re seeing.

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3 thoughts on “WA Web Awards 2007 Finalists..

  1. Don’t look at it like WA’s capable of more, it’s the judges who are responsible for this sham of a contest. Sumo has some very nice looking sites but the Fleetcare site for instance has a completely broken menu system in Opera (sure basically no-one uses it but we all know thats not the point) and fails validation. Not that that’s the be-all and end all, as well all know, but it definitely appears the judges are heavily weighting appearance over other aspects. One of the “e-commerce” sites is using tables for their navigation! The categories for blogs shouldn’t even exist!

  2. Can’t believe kitchenwarehouse didn’t get in for e-commerce.
    How are those other sites e-commerce at all?

    I think the judging really needs to be looked at, it’s been pretty bad this year and last year.

    I also think it’s dodgy when the organisers have so many sites as finalists, if you’re organising the awards your company or sites should not be eligible!
    It’s crazy and flawed. Even if the judges are totally independent it puts doubt on the whole thing.

    What a waste of time, would be nice if someone set up an awards night that had some credibility.

    ps. not that it matters that much but none of sumo’s sites validate…

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