I’ve discussed my musical path with a few people, so I decided I’d get it all done in one spot; many blog posts. Strap yourself in.

It started early, in my head it plays out that my dad had just purchased a new hifi system.  It was an AKAI unit it was the late 80s and i’m pretty sure he may even still have the amp section somewhere, the rest is long gone.  With this came music, but I wasn’t allowed to touch it.

That thing (or another version of it, i stole that image from some canadian internet guy), started the journey of music in my life.  There’s a turntable up top, an EQ, a Tuner & a dual tape deck with dolby NR and a vinyl rack down the bottom.  If I had kids now I wouldn’t let them touch it either, but pretty quickly I was allowed to play tapes and radio.  As I now understand vinyl is gold, you don’t let your kids play with it.  I’m pretty sure I was packing a walkman (it wasn’t an ACTUAL sony walkman) by this time and it all began.

The first few tracks I remember really enjoying was the theme to the Footrot Flats movie (mum dad had taken us to the drive in to see it a few times), Dave Dobbyn’s Slice of Heaven and then the Choir Boys – Run To Paradise.



These are both stand out tracks from my early child hood, they were boths hits in 87 when I was 5 and to be honest I don’t remember much before that.  For years I would go on thinking Run To Paradise was by ACDC, later to find out it was actually the Choir Boys.  I feel stupid, but their entire album was produced by George Young ( from the Easybeats and a producer for AC/DC) so I just see it as my first great musical observation.