Wondering what I’ve been doing? There’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young, put out an album. So I did it.

Selekt Few started out in 2008 as duo of my good friend Luke (Troutish/Shareef) and I. I’d been making random music on and off for 10+ years prior and Luke is heavily into activism and wrote poetry, so I figured we had something to learn from each other.

We were always looking for someone to expand to a trio with us and just over a year ago we added Tim (Tek) to our lineup as our DJ. Tim has been performing with us live and added scratches to the album, providing a much needed bit of DJ flare to some moments.

Calling the album MD was like so many moments, something that just happened.  At the core of our choice to name the album MD was a nod in the direction of the producer of  the beats on the album (except the remixes), MD aka. Mdusu. We were fans first and we’d collected together quite a few tracks on MD beats so we decided that it was a great way to theme the release and show our appreciation.

So there you have it my first album and Selekt Few’s debut release, go buy a copy.