So, i just received a phone call from my brother, some stingey arsehole has decided it was his right to break into our house and steal a whole slew of things. When is the world going to grow up? this is just bullshit, both myself and my brother have worked our arses off to get everything we own and then along comes some piece of shit and steals it all. Continue reading

What a great day, a big thanks to everyone involved with the organisation of the event as the quality of topic was great. Big thanks to Robin Hilliard from Rocketboots for spending his own money to come and present over here, i loved your presentation on CFINTERFACE Continue reading

Some random photos of random things and new stuff i bought. I got another pair of DC Rob Drydek’s to add to the ‘collection’ on the weekend, only $55, score!!! Saw the green 180sx on the way home last night, thought it looked pretty nice. Continue reading

I’m not so much a fan of halloween as i am a fan of random holidays, thankfully no one has knocked on my door trick or treating yet, halloween is a weird holiday it’s fun, strange and unknown.

Did someone say free icons? One of the designers at glyFX was working on a dark halloweenish free set and it just happened to coincide with halloween, so he finished 5 icons up, and put them online for everyone to see and use.

Check it out at

First let me lay down the back story on my plantronics headsets for you. Back in June 2007 i purchased a plantronics audio 550 dsp headset, for half price ($75AUD), 2 months later the headphones died. After realising i couldn’t find the the receipt, i purchased another set at full price ($150AUD) and made sure to keep the receipt, 2 months later (last week), the left headphone cup stops working. Continue reading

I’ve been busy as hell over the past couple of weeks, works just been off the hook crazy at times and i’ve been busy with other projects outside of work. One of which is the car, the wheels turned up and so the suspension is now in the front, it definitely needs to go a little bit lower, but i’ll sort that out tomorrow when i do the back suspension and wheels. Continue reading

Quite recently i’ve been reading and hearing things from the yahoo ui team’s research about page loading times. One thing that i was waiting to hear all about was the effect the ever-growing mountain of script tags importing various javascript files was having on page load times, we’ve all noticed it, but these guys did the testing to prove it. Continue reading