No plans this Friday?
Want a free DnB fix?
Well we have Hi-jacked the Swan Basement for a special one off night of Drum and Bass.


09-10 Southsiders (mattf, rux and hutsy)
10-11 AJM b2b UISCE
12-01 Southsiders

9pm to 1am
Free Entry
Swan Basement 201 Queen Victoria St, Freo
Southside Return Flyer

.. No not myspace, that dirty dirty community of internet teens and fools, but My Space.. where i spend most of my time.

I recently just bought some new monitors and had a little cleanup in my computer room and decided to post some pics of how its all setup.

Setup - Lights OnSetup - Lights Off

Romain Guy, Richard Bair, Joshua Marinacci & some other swing & java2d programmers have all been working hard towards this excellent application i just found out about today, only screenshots are available at the moment, however these screenshots are enough to make me want it πŸ˜‰ Go check it out, it looks like a photo management application that allows you to store location information against the photo, the locations are then hooked with google maps and well.. yeah go look πŸ™‚

Aerith, a Very Cool Swing Demo (Really)

I started to get a tad paraniod the other day (those of you who know me are probably laughing your buttholes off, but thats ok. Annnyway, i decided to implement GPG into my email so i could send stuff to and from work without having prying eyes. Thunderbird was quite easy to implement and works VERY well, all the details and the plugin for thunderbird can be found at

Unfortunately at home, i have to use outlook, most people would normally have to deal with it the other way around, but at work we use Thunderbird and at home I need to use Outlook so that i can sync appointments, etc. with my PDA. All the details on how to go about setting up GPG for use with outlook is available at

and it sucks.

Check out the screenshots:
Internet Explorer *Viewed using IETab Firefox Extension

Who gets paid to make this? there a plenty of companies in perth capable of handling such a big project and keeping it compatible with all browsers and standards, yet for some reason, a big company like BankWest chooses to use someone who can’t deliver the project successfully.

Im currently trying to validate the site, but it seems to be running VERY slow.

Im watching Steve Jobs’ keynote from MacWorld at the moment. Talk about impressive, he makes me WANT to switch to one of the new Intel Macs.. some of the software and things they’re offering is just gob-smacking.. BRING IT ON!


Something i think that is not so widely known is that NTFS supports symbolic-linking, it’s called “Junctioning” theres a 3-rd party app to do it called Junction ( or the win2k Resource Kit comes with linkd.

Some more info from MS;EN-US;q205524

Microsoft Link regarding doing it in XP
ouch! link buggered in wordpress upgrade