Last night mid-way through my train ride home i had a sudden realisation, i had no idea where my phone was and I left the office with it, OUCH.  The though patterns started to retrace, etc. I got off the train a stop early and shot to my parents house to use their phone to try call it, unfortunately the battery on my phone was dead.

Sitting at my parents house I started to realise where it got to and convinced my mum to drive me 40 odd minutes back to work and wait for me while I looked everywhere for it.  You can be assured I didn’t find it and in a way I’m kind of retrospectively happy about it. Continue reading

I’ve been a little delayed in writing about this one for a number of reasons, but it’s time to put it out there now.  Myself & Chris Messina from PerthWeb (not this or this Chris Messina, but a whole new one) have recently launched two new online comics.  “What?” i hear you say, “more online comics? is there enough already” sure theres plenty of online comics out there, some crap, some great, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and do it better. Continue reading

The new signage at PerthWeb went up bright and early this morning, after a few months of “wheres your building im driving round looking for it and can’t find it” “it has a big TPC on the front” “oh i’m right out the front”, so i guess our customers will be happy.  This also bring our new logos for PerthWeb, Webclick, glyFX & Freckle Creative to the public eye, finally!

Yes we’re aware the building needs to be blue too, that’s the next step. Continue you through to see the pictures. Continue reading

Earlier today i was chatting with someone about having seen the new Tim Burton flick, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and saying how i thought the movie itself was good, but that i just couldn’t get past all the singing of dialogue that happens. Yes I understand it’s a musical, I understand that this is the way things are done in the land of musicals. Unfortunately it’s just not my thing, musical aside, it’s actually a really good film. Continue reading

So, i just received a phone call from my brother, some stingey arsehole has decided it was his right to break into our house and steal a whole slew of things. When is the world going to grow up? this is just bullshit, both myself and my brother have worked our arses off to get everything we own and then along comes some piece of shit and steals it all. Continue reading

Some random photos of random things and new stuff i bought. I got another pair of DC Rob Drydek’s to add to the ‘collection’ on the weekend, only $55, score!!! Saw the green 180sx on the way home last night, thought it looked pretty nice. Continue reading