Pretty sure over the last week I’ve watched a full days worth of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


Recently I purchased a DJ Tech DIF-1M with stars in my eyes off the back of seeing a year of the DIF-1S and it’s Thud Rumble brother working well. What I received could be described as flaming shit on my door step.

The DIF-1M is seemingly built well with metal. It has a nice height metal box and some metal bracing up where it matters underneath the controls. On paper it looks to be a great mixer, sporting an Innofader mini pnp crossfader, easily (upgradable to any Innofader) midi buttons and a midi knob. Unfortunately those midi features, while being the flagship of the DIF-1M are the things that actually hamper it.

My mixer came to my door step with two problems, the first is seemingly and RMA issue. The crossfader doesn’t always register it is faded completely right, a full fade left-to-right or an up-and-down on the right fader will usually make it correct itself. The second is a slightly annoying interference noise being caused in the mixer itself, turn your speakers up and you’ll hear it).

This noise can be replicated by the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the mixer from everything except power
  2. Plug your headphones in
  3. Set crossfader at middle
  4. Ensure both line faders are up
  5. Turn the headphones up
  6. You may hear that wav file linked above

All this wouldn’t be a problem, if companies operated some kind of support network. As this was purchased on Ebay from a US seller, the warranty lies in the US with the seller, the local DJ Tech distributor and DJ Tech Pro (the manufacturer). So from day one I start the process via Ebay, I contact the seller who doesn’t respond. I’ve since filed returns and eventually an Ebay dispute and now had my money refunded.

However, in this process I contacted everyone in the chain of supply via many means. One responded (who i think is the US distributor?) and quickly stopped responding after feeding me a line.

Facebook contact: 25th November

(also sent messages which got no response)
Emailed: seller & multiple times to no response

So I have my money back, but this is a warning to you. DJ Tech mixers seem good on paper, you’ll even see videos and reviews on the internet rating them highly. But their service and support is 0, so if yours has problems, good luck to you.

Many of you wont know, but i live a double life drenched in Music. To keep it short, i love music and the effects it can have on people and their mentality. I used to produce a bit of Drum N Bass but i stopped quite some time ago as it wasn’t making me happy, it was leaving me in a bad mindset. Fast forward a few more years and i’ve been practicing rapping for a few years, so i started to get down n dirty and start seriously writing both beats and raps (on the mic as Percuss), what follows is the end result of a month or 2 of getting back into the studio. I’ve only managed to get vocals down for one below and that beat is jacked from Swollen Members – Heavy Thinkers, but the lyrics were so meaningful i just couldn’t resist getting it down. ENJOY.

<a href="">Track X by Ruxton</a>

<a href="">Filters Aint Shit (Percuss &amp; Shareef) by Ruxton</a>

<a href="">Ghost Drummer by Ruxton</a>

Way back in 2005/2006/2007 my audio PC was rocking hard and i was trying my best to punch out some drum n bass and learn my way through Cubase.

What i’ve embedded below is the 2 “finished” (term used very loosely) drum and bass tunes that i did during that time.  Steeple was the first tune i ever completed in Cubase, a few came before it unfinished or finished in various Tracker applications pre-2000.  Unfortunately i think i lost the most recent version of both of these tracks, it’s on a CD somewhere, so enjoy Steeple and Transform, my terrible gift to you.

Ruxton – Steeple
Ruxton – Transform

It’d also be nice to hear some feedback, if you want drop a comment below and let me know what you think.  It’s been nearly 4 years since these were finished and while i have no intention of reworking them or revisiting them, it’s always nice to hear other peoples views.

Went down to Capitol last night with some friends to catch Bliss N Eso’s Flying Colours Tour and i’ll start by saying it was off the hook.  Bliss n Eso know how to rock a party, it’s just a pitty this party was held at Capitol.  Theres something about this place that has screamed “OHMIGOD BADLY LAID OUT” since the first day i walked into it when it was The Globe.  The major bar is at the back of the dance floor, which just happens to be right in the line of the main thoroughfare of the entire building, smart? no! Continue reading

Over at glyFX we’ve released a new free icon set geared towards Android applications. The Android Developer Common Icon Set has been created to ease the pain for developers creating applications in Android and to provide with icons that look and feel like those that we have seen in the SDK aswell as screenshots and videos around the web.

Theres a total of 24 icons in there, covering actions that we thought everyone could use. Of course, as always the designers are more than capable (and happy) to do more custom work for customers in this style and if theres enough backing, we’d love to do some more full sets.

Head on over and check out The Android Developer Common Icon Set, you know you want to.

So i got in thanks greatly to some wonderful friends, though i did have to ditch another friend to go, which was a bit crap. Some videos and pics after the break. The hyde park hotel was a nice venue, but once again, just like Pegz @ the rosemount, the sound was waaay over the top. The sound system trying to be louder than it was capable of. 🙁 Continue reading