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Thanks to Ruxton for making available the source to the IndieWeb Best Nine, here are my “Best 9 Photos of 2019”. The app walks your pe...

Thanks for your updates Marty, I’ll get them into the app.  I just wanted to touch on one thing you wrote in your post, and that’s:

but I don’t consider e.g. /2019/01/ to be a “feed”,

Because it is a feed.

h-feed is a simple, open format for publishing a stream or feed of h-entry posts, like complete posts on a home page or archive pages, or summaries or other brief lists of posts.

Your /year /year/month pages are archive pages and these are exactly what h-feeds are for. A feed is a collection of entries and this is a collection of entries. A good use-case for having them as feeds wanting to follow people for a year or month only.

I really don’t see any reason for it not to be a feed and I’d argue for the sake of implementing spec and having tools that ‘just work’, it should be a feed.


Best Nine is a popular aggregation and summary post practice on Instagram, where photos for the year are sorted by likes and put in a 9×9 grid.

In 2018 i hacked together a basic version of this service for IndieWeb websites that supported rel=next/rel=prev, microformats2 and like.

This year, I’ve expanded on it and fixed some issues. It’s no longer fixed to a specific year, you can do Best Nine in August 2015 if that’s what you want to do and it supports png/jpg/gif.

If you’re interested in finding you best nine photos, check out IndieWeb Best Nine.


This was also posted to /en/indieweb and IndieNews.

It seems there may have been a minor issue in the last release of my iTunes Affiliate Link Maker wordpress plugin. Quite simply, if you had an existing install and didn’t have any links in it yet, you may continue to see the upgrade warning/notification no matter what you do.  The man known to me only as daykilla has found the bug and nailed a quick solution (top work!) that’ll get you going for now.

If you need to work out what’s going on and how to fix it, head over and check out the post describing it. In the mean time I’ll be releasing an updated 0.5.2 later this evening with that fix and maybe a few extras.

I’ve just pushed version 0.5.1 of my WordPress plugin iTALM into the WordPress SVN, it should arrive soon enough.  If you have any problems please let me know.

The system now works around the shortag [itunes] with the following attributes:

  • url – a mandatory attribute, this a clean itms store url, fetched via link maker or your itunes client
  • title – the string in this field is passed into the output link as the alt tag on the image/title of the link
  • content – if you don’t use this field, the itms link image from the settings page is displayed, if you do use this attribute the string is output instead.

Saying all that you don’t need to type this stuff anyway, because that’s the beauty of the button being in both editors. Select text (it’ll be output as the content attribute) or don’t, click the button, search for what you want (or click manual url) and be quickly prompted through the process.  If you enter nothing in the box? It’ll still enter someting like <Artist Name>-<Album name> out for you.

I think this is a nice step forward for the plugin, your feedback is appreciated, the general consensus seems to be to drop feedback over at the article page but i’m now closing that, so please leave your feedback on this post.

I wrote this little post quite some time ago, around the weekend my first 2 sites were accepted into the Woopra Beta.
If you’re wondering how to pronounce Woopra, i like to think it has an exclamation mark on the end (Woopra!) and that it’s the sound Bruce Lee makes when he karate chops your arse. Because I get the impression thats exactly what Woopra is going to do to online analytics.

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Got a worpdress blog? do you link to the iTunes Store with or without an affiliate program? this plugins for you!

The plugin adds an itunes button to the visual editor which when clicked brings forward a dialog containing a search for the iTunes store link maker.

After searching, clicking on any link will ask for a title for the link and insert it into the content editor. The link also enables the ability to directly link to albums, something the standard link generator does not normally do.

Enough gaff, if you want it, it’s here.  It’ll be on wordpress.org soon enough.

I’m not sure if this is all new or if I’m slow and everyone else already knew this or if there’s a select niche of people who have realised what I’m about to talk about.  I always see a huge problem in PHP Web Apps, the total and utter eradication of local caching.  It’s the ‘bomb them all’ method of ensuring your site is always serving the most up to date copy and everyone uses it.  Frankly, it’s bad form, it’s not cool and it has to stop.  Unless you have a compelling reason for serving fresh pages EVERY single hit and you have the server to handle it, i suggest you learn from our mistakes. Continue reading

I’ve been a little delayed in writing about this one for a number of reasons, but it’s time to put it out there now.  Myself & Chris Messina from PerthWeb (not this or this Chris Messina, but a whole new one) have recently launched two new online comics.  “What?” i hear you say, “more online comics? is there enough already” sure theres plenty of online comics out there, some crap, some great, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and do it better. Continue reading

What a great day, a big thanks to everyone involved with the organisation of the event as the quality of topic was great. Big thanks to Robin Hilliard from Rocketboots for spending his own money to come and present over here, i loved your presentation on CFINTERFACE Continue reading

Quite recently i’ve been reading and hearing things from the yahoo ui team’s research about page loading times. One thing that i was waiting to hear all about was the effect the ever-growing mountain of script tags importing various javascript files was having on page load times, we’ve all noticed it, but these guys did the testing to prove it. Continue reading