I’ve put together a diff patch against the swingx project from the current cvs that contains my changes made to the JXDatePicker. First i had to stop the various components from “Cleaning” the date, which envolves setting the time to midnight so that the calculation of the date difference can work.

It was a while ago.. i don’t think its too clean a solution, but maybe someone can take ideas from it and step further with it, i will eventually continue it, just not right now.

SwingX JXDatePicker Diff

We saw this over the back of the fence yesterday so decided to go for the drive to find and photo it.

It was around near Roe Hwy & Welshpool Rd Intersection.


I’m sitting on the bus this morning, decided id crack a blog post from my phone. The bus is a wonderful journey, i’m always having some interesting conversations, or as it is this morning.. the people behind me are having one.

I wont go into the details, but if this is any indication of the WA population, theres some seriously broken families around. Oh and apparently a Hyundai Excel is a good car!!

Aww one got off so it’s all quiet on the bus now.

I kind of noticed the other day how sometimes friends talking on a bus can, quite easily, totally lose track of the fact they’re actually talking to the 10 or 15 people around them too. Despite how nice this person is, if you’re talking about something controversial, they’re probably hanging on your every word.

The other day we were having a VERY interesting one and the gentleman behind us was TRYING to read a book, but he kept stopping to pay attention to our conversation. Then he eventually just gave up and closed his book, diverting his full attention and reactions made of gold our way.

What does one do in this situation? Do you stop talkinng about it? i can tell you now we didn’t.

I was always a fan of Gypsy Buff Bars, so since Roggz had brought the Shell and Unit Bars over, i decided to make the small changes necessary to bring Buff Bars over (just because i wanted them that badly). I noticed a bit of a call out on the forms for them.. soo here they are. Roggz, feel free to pick them up and put them with your things on Wowinterface,Curse,etc.

Please note: i havent tested this yet on its own without Gypsy Shell.

Gypsy Buff Bar (Before The Storm)

After reading alot of people battling with the time and JXDatePicker and also facing the challenge myself, i decided to battle JXDatePicker and convert it to handle a JSpinner instead of the JFormattedTextField.

Ok, i’ll level with you, currently.. i did a pretty bad job of this, but i’ll deffinately be proceeding with this further. This was kind of a proof of concept that it could be done this way easily, as i’d been thinking about it for a few days. Yeah i was even so lazy i just quickly built swingx, set the main class as the JXDatePicker and made it webstart for a quick demo.

What the hell is going on here in Australia? two australian icons down in one week, thats just unheard of, let alone it being the last thing you expected!

Peter Brock was and is an Australian Motorsport legend, i’m sure he’ll be missed by almost everyone in australia. RIP Brock!

Whats next? Cathy Freeman dies running a 400m, stabbed through the chest by a javelin? Kieron Perkins dies swimming, eaten by a crocodile!
John Howard dies watching the footy, chokes on a chicken bone.
Adam Gilchrist takes a cricket ball to the head, dies!?

I think im gonna start a “pool”, winner takes all!

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