First let me lay down the back story on my plantronics headsets for you. Back in June 2007 i purchased a plantronics audio 550 dsp headset, for half price ($75AUD), 2 months later the headphones died. After realising i couldn’t find the the receipt, i purchased another set at full price ($150AUD) and made sure to keep the receipt, 2 months later (last week), the left headphone cup stops working. Continue reading

I’ve been busy as hell over the past couple of weeks, works just been off the hook crazy at times and i’ve been busy with other projects outside of work. One of which is the car, the wheels turned up and so the suspension is now in the front, it definitely needs to go a little bit lower, but i’ll sort that out tomorrow when i do the back suspension and wheels. Continue reading

Quite recently i’ve been reading and hearing things from the yahoo ui team’s research about page loading times. One thing that i was waiting to hear all about was the effect the ever-growing mountain of script tags importing various javascript files was having on page load times, we’ve all noticed it, but these guys did the testing to prove it. Continue reading

Came home tonight to a nasty sound, my biggest and newest hard drive has “The click” but its still giving me data (be it slowly), thank god! I was down at PLE this morning waiting for them to open so i could get a new one and now i patiently sit back and copy off the 120 or so Gigabytes of data that i didnt have room for on my other drives last night. Continue reading

Yeah so i’m bored, i’ve been messing about with the blog for the past few days, upgrading k2, upgrading the flickr plugin. This just results in all my customisations having to be coded back in.

Been working on the car a bit, interesting developments, may have to get a new turbo thanks to the first pic below.
Continue reading

Theres a new arrival in our, my brother picked up a new cat last weekend, pic below.

Finally got the intercooler back fixed. It looks ok, it’s just a pity i didn’t get it welded before attempting silicone.

Aaand today i stepped on my O2 Xda Atom and broke it’s screen Continue reading

It’s my birthday today and well, normally that’d be awesome or at least mildly fun, but tonight i’m stuck at home SICK. This has happened before, it’s one of the downsides of having your birthday so close to the winter opening, but it can just make the birthday so miserable. Then again, thats probably a good thing im at home relaxing, now that i’ve put a quarter century on the clock. Continue reading

So it looks like i’ll be doing some work to my car i’ve been wanting to do for a while and one of those choices is wheels. I’m finding it pretty hard to choose at the moment and have it narrowed down to 5 nice looking 17″x8″ rims, some have a +32 offset, others a +35, some are also going to require the 5 stud upgrade. Continue reading