Way back in 2005/2006/2007 my audio PC was rocking hard and i was trying my best to punch out some drum n bass and learn my way through Cubase.

What i’ve embedded below is the 2 “finished” (term used very loosely) drum and bass tunes that i did during that time.  Steeple was the first tune i ever completed in Cubase, a few came before it unfinished or finished in various Tracker applications pre-2000.  Unfortunately i think i lost the most recent version of both of these tracks, it’s on a CD somewhere, so enjoy Steeple and Transform, my terrible gift to you.

Ruxton – Steeple
Ruxton – Transform

It’d also be nice to hear some feedback, if you want drop a comment below and let me know what you think.  It’s been nearly 4 years since these were finished and while i have no intention of reworking them or revisiting them, it’s always nice to hear other peoples views.

I wrote this little post quite some time ago, around the weekend my first 2 sites were accepted into the Woopra Beta.
If you’re wondering how to pronounce Woopra, i like to think it has an exclamation mark on the end (Woopra!) and that it’s the sound Bruce Lee makes when he karate chops your arse. Because I get the impression thats exactly what Woopra is going to do to online analytics.

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Got a worpdress blog? do you link to the iTunes Store with or without an affiliate program? this plugins for you!

The plugin adds an itunes button to the visual editor which when clicked brings forward a dialog containing a search for the iTunes store link maker.

After searching, clicking on any link will ask for a title for the link and insert it into the content editor. The link also enables the ability to directly link to albums, something the standard link generator does not normally do.

Enough gaff, if you want it, it’s here.  It’ll be on wordpress.org soon enough.

So you’ve been making iPhone applications for a while, you’re sick and tired of the limited amount of icons the SDK gives access too and you’re over searching the for icons that are available in the codebase that you’re “not supposed to use”.  Over at glyFX we’re feeling your pain and coming to the rescue again.  Earlier this month we released a free 5 icon pack of iPhone TabBar and Toolbar icons as a bit of a teaser.

Now we’ve came out with our first iphone commercial set, 5 icons in the iPhone Messaging Icon Set that are geared towards a messaging application.  We’ve got Inbox, Outbox, Chat, Buddies & Status, head over and checkout the iPhone Messaging Icon Set.

Over at glyFX we’ve been preparing to jump into the market of iPhone icons.  That is, icons for Tabbars and Toolbars.  We’ve prepared a free set for everyone to take a look at and give feedback on.  It really is important for you to give  feedback so that glyFX can produce a product that meets or exceeds expectations.

The free icon set consists of 5 icons for the Tabbar an the Toolbar and will be followed up quite quickly with commercial iphone sets of 5 icons, for $5.  Get in, grab your free icons and don’t forget to go back next week for more.

So finally it’s here, Turn-by-turn directions, Bluetooth A2DP, MMS and Push notifications amongst other things. Apple are really pulling out the big guns here and it’s nice to see we’re finally starting to get a phone thats feature set is on-par with the rest of the devices out there.

Coupe all this with the fact i’m really starting to not hate the iPhone as much as i used too, because i barely use iTunes anymore and i might just start to be happy with my purchase. You can check out some pictures of what’s coming over at Engadget and also see Apple‘s iPhone 3.0 Preview Presentation.

Some of you may remember a while back i announced and linked you to some comics. Well it seems due to may sheer lack of motivation and laziness Visual Assault Comic has kind of died in the arse, but not to worry. The Landscaper is still going strong, Chris is really beginning to develop and find his style in the comic book and the story is truely awesome. Issue 2 is currently in the process of wrapping up, so make sure you go check it out. Continue reading

Much to my delight i discovered today that the guys over at the ml_ipod plugin for winamp, have some how managed to find a way to put music into the iphone 2.x music library with so far what seems like no drawbacks.   You can still see your music in iTunes (i haven’t tried to manage it yet, but who cares that’s what i use winamp for),  while still allowing my application syncs to work in iTunes.  Bravo guys, we’ve all been waiting for this development.

If you hate your iTunes and love your winamp but are bound to an iPhone, get busy and install ml_ipod!

So this happened last night, it’s just the wrong time of the year to have to deal with car stuff. For all those who don’t know, that bright yellow sticker means i have 10 days to fix a few things on my car and take it for inspection.

Yellow Sticker Not Happy @ Canary

Went down to Capitol last night with some friends to catch Bliss N Eso’s Flying Colours Tour and i’ll start by saying it was off the hook.  Bliss n Eso know how to rock a party, it’s just a pitty this party was held at Capitol.  Theres something about this place that has screamed “OHMIGOD BADLY LAID OUT” since the first day i walked into it when it was The Globe.  The major bar is at the back of the dance floor, which just happens to be right in the line of the main thoroughfare of the entire building, smart? no! Continue reading

Over at glyFX we’ve released a new free icon set geared towards Android applications. The Android Developer Common Icon Set has been created to ease the pain for developers creating applications in Android and to provide with icons that look and feel like those that we have seen in the SDK aswell as screenshots and videos around the web.

Theres a total of 24 icons in there, covering actions that we thought everyone could use. Of course, as always the designers are more than capable (and happy) to do more custom work for customers in this style and if theres enough backing, we’d love to do some more full sets.

Head on over and check out The Android Developer Common Icon Set, you know you want to.

I’m not sure if this is all new or if I’m slow and everyone else already knew this or if there’s a select niche of people who have realised what I’m about to talk about.  I always see a huge problem in PHP Web Apps, the total and utter eradication of local caching.  It’s the ‘bomb them all’ method of ensuring your site is always serving the most up to date copy and everyone uses it.  Frankly, it’s bad form, it’s not cool and it has to stop.  Unless you have a compelling reason for serving fresh pages EVERY single hit and you have the server to handle it, i suggest you learn from our mistakes. Continue reading

I’ve been a little delayed in writing about this one for a number of reasons, but it’s time to put it out there now.  Myself & Chris Messina from PerthWeb (not this or this Chris Messina, but a whole new one) have recently launched two new online comics.  “What?” i hear you say, “more online comics? is there enough already” sure theres plenty of online comics out there, some crap, some great, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and do it better. Continue reading